Exports of agricultural products from Russia to Spain has increased by 78 percent

Published Mar 6, 2021

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In 2020, Russian agricultural exports to Spain reached 465,000 tons and were worth US $ 102 million. This is 78 percent more than the year before. As in 2019, the export of agricultural products was the highest in the case of beet pulp. Over the year, its deliveries increased 91 percent to 190,000 tons and a total value of $ 30 million (+98 percent), placing Spain among the top three recipients of Russian pulp after Latvia and the Netherlands.

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- said Vadim Eryzhensky, deputy general director of Prodimex. The holding company granulates and sells all the pulp obtained from the processing of sugar beet. Eryzhensky explained. The export of agricultural products in the case of legumes from Russia to Spain in the past year increased 4 times to 83 thousand tons for 18 million dollars. In addition, the Kingdom came second in imports of molasses from Russia: 114,000 tonnes of molasses were shipped in 2020 (+33 percent compared to 2019 levels) and worth $ 13 million (+53 percent). Sunflower and rapeseed meal exports rose 79 percent to 30,000 tons in physical terms and by 82 percent to $ 5.7 million in cash terms. Russian seafood exports to Spain decreased physically by 7.1 percent to 6.6 thousand tons, but in monetary terms increased by 11 percent to $ 14 million. READ MORE: Integrated Plant Production - Time to Apply Spain is one of the leading agricultural producers in the European Union. According to Eurostat, in 2019 the ...
Source: SwiatRolnika
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