Exports of organic wheat from Kazakhstan to Europe fell 15 times

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Published Feb 14, 2024

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In 2023, Kazakhstan's exports of organically certified products are projected to reach $14.5 million and €8.1 million. However, there has been a significant decrease in organic wheat exports to Europe, dropping from 9,507 tons in 2022 to 646 tons in 2023. This is due to cheaper agricultural products from Ukraine and a decline in interest in organic products in Europe due to high food inflation. Other organic exports from Kazakhstan include flax seeds, lentils, soybean meal, soybeans, peas, fava beans, and safflower seeds, primarily to Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Lithuania.
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Exports of organically certified products from Kazakhstan in 2023 are estimated at 14.5 million dollars and 8.1 million euros, according to the website According to information, exports of organic wheat from Kazakhstan to Europe fell 15 times. Shipments of hard and soft organic wheat from Kazakhstan to foreign markets in 2023 amounted to 646 tons versus 9,507 tons in 2022. The average price per ton is €595. The drop looks even stronger in comparison with 2021, when exports of Kazakh organic wheat amounted to 29,219 tons. As noted, the decrease in volumes is most likely due to the influx of cheaper agricultural products from Ukraine into Europe, which serves as the main sales market for Kazakh organics, as well as a general decline in the European population’s interest in organics against the backdrop of high food inflation. Also in 2023, Kazakhstan exported 10,194 tons of organic flax seeds with an average price of 726 euros per ton, 218 tons of organic red and ...
Source: Agrosektor
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