Brazil: Fall in the price of beans marks the agricultural market of Santa Catarina in May

Updated Jun 23, 2023
The June Agricultural Bulletin pointed to a reduction of almost 20% in the price of black beans paid to producers in Santa Catarina. The publication is published monthly by Epagri/Cepa with information on the main agribusiness production chains in Santa Catarina. Carioca bean prices ended the month with an average monthly price of R$265.46 per 60kg bag, a reduction of almost 20%. For black beans, the average price dropped 13%, closing the monthly average at R$215.20/sc of 60kg. With a supply well adjusted to the demand, the occurrence of a slightly more abundant national harvest ends up harming the commercialization, reducing the prices received by the producers. Throughout the state, approximately 85.5% of the area planted with beans second crop has already been harvested, with forecast for completion for the second half of June. For this bean crop in Santa Catarina, the total planted area (sum of beans 1st and 2nd crop) should fall by around 9%. On the other hand, productivity ...
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