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Five-ring farming in Japan

Updated Jul 29, 2021
There is little arable land, an aging workforce, but life cannot stop - the intensive agriculture of the future can also be found here. In addition to the Olympics, Japan is also concerned with agricultural renewal.
Much of Japan’s territory is covered by mountains, so it can use only 15% of its territory for agricultural purposes. Thus, the most pressing problems of Japan’s agricultural sector are low productivity and little arable land. The situation is also exacerbated by extreme weather conditions, heavy rainfall and frequent landslides. It also causes the population density of habitable areas to rise enormously, making Japan the thirtieth most densely populated country. It is mostly characterized by small peasant farms and dwarf estates of one or two hectares. There are two types of farms. The first is the sengio farm, of which quite a few are found in Japan. It is characterized by the fact that they live specifically from agricultural production and are mostly located in Hokkaido. The other type is the kengio farm, which, in addition to agriculture, also carries out industrial activities and provides services. Their proportion is around 80%. The two leading sectors of agriculture are ...
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