Floating wholesale markets in Mekong delta in Vietnam

Published Jul 12, 2023

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Enrico Turoni recently visited Vietnam and was impressed by the floating wholesale markets for fruit and vegetables, but noted that only a few of these markets remain. The Mekong Delta is the main growing area in the country, producing a variety of fruits such as bananas, pineapples, citrus, and dragon fruit. Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports are expected to reach $4 billion in 2023, with China being the largest market followed by South Korea and the Netherlands.
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In recent weeks, Enrico Turoni has made a tour through Vietnam. He was impressed, among other things, by the floating wholesale markets for fruit and vegetables, of which there were about a dozen in recent decades. Currently only a few remain. Here's his testimony. The boat of a watermelon wholesaler "One of the main growing areas of the country is the delta of the Mekong River. Bananas, pineapples, citrus, mangoes, rambutan and dragon fruit are grown all year round," says Turoni. Boats from local fruit and vegetable sellers The Mekong Delta is crossed by numerous rivers and navigable canals that were the only communication network before the construction of roads and bridges. Trade in agricultural products mainly took place along the waterways and the floating markets were the place for the sale of fruit and vegetables. "There used to be about ten floating wholesale markets. With the construction of bridges and roads, this form of trade is slowly disappearing. At the moment there ...
Source: AGF
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