Fluctuations in the price of broad beans in Poland. How much can producers expect?

Dried Broad Bean
Published Jul 2, 2022

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Along with the season, the situation of broad bean producers has unfortunately deteriorated significantly. The rates largely depend on the supply on a given day as well as the quality, which, due to weather conditions, is much harder to maintain at a high level. What is the current situation on the wholesale market in Bronisze? Producers of broad beans have to take into account many factors that significantly hinder production this year.

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Apart from the increased production costs and problems with finding the right number of employees, the weather conditions are getting worse. And it should be remembered that broad bean is a vegetable characterized by a delicacy, so it would not be difficult to spoil and rot. Especially when the temperatures are getting as high as we have seen in recent days. What prices can we expect on the wholesale market? The prices that manufacturers can count on oscillate between PLN 7.00-9.00 per kilogram. However, as we mentioned, it all depends on quality. In the case where the vegetable is single-colored, light green, we can expect higher prices of PLN 9.00. It happens, however, that discoloration is visible, which may indicate overheating or too long storage, which automatically lowers the price to PLN 7.00. It is also ...
Source: Warzywa
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