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Turkey: For the first time in Sakarya, avocado seedlings met with soil

Sakarya'da ilk kez avokado fidanı toprakla buluştu
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Jun 27, 2022
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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality started fruit production in the 140 decare area allocated to orchards in the UTÇEM project, which will shed light on Turkey's agricultural future. Within the framework of the UTÇEM project, which will include an agricultural high school, orchards, museum, aromatic gardens, tower, theater, education and livestock areas, a first in Sakarya today, avocado saplings met with soil. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is completing the Applied Agriculture and Farmer Training Center (UTÇEM) with firm steps. Another important part of UTÇEM, which will enable Turkey to have a new vision in agriculture, train new and well-equipped agricultural engineers and show the world the fertility of the soil, is being completed. Production has started in the orchards, which are a part of the project, which will include areas such as the agriculture high school, agriculture and environment museum, livestock areas, medicinal aromatic gardens, equestrian training area, ...
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