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Dai mercati: ecco gli agrumi italiani. Su il prezzo di pomodori e uva

Dai mercati: ecco gli agrumi italiani. Su il prezzo di pomodori e uva
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Oct 21, 2020
From MyFruit
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It is time for Italian citrus fruits. That fill the counters of Italian wholesalers: the product is good and get good prices. The tomato awakens, due to a shortage of goods also at an international level, although in Rome we are witnessing an invasion of Albanian tomatoes for 1 euro. Grapes are also enhanced, gaining a margin after the departure of such a low-cost product while courgettes still hold a good price. Not an exciting month of October, but consumption is on average as in previous years. Here are the Italian citrus fruits, via the South African product and dominates the national one despite the Spanish presence. Valentino Di Pisa, Fedagro national president, takes stock of the Bolognese market where consumption is on average with that of previous years. “Italian citrus has started, but there is a good amount of Spanish product. Prices are not exorbitant for clementines with a wide range depending on the size and quality from 0.90 to 2.20 euros. There are also the first ...
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