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FTA pushed Thai spices, export soared 93%

Updated May 14, 2021
The Department of International Trade Negotiations revealed that exports of spices and herbs in the first quarter of 64, valued at US $ 87 million, grew 93%, ASEAN market was number one, increasing 154% as a result of tax cuts under the FTA. On May 14, 2021 Mrs. Ormon Subthaweitham The Director-General of the Department of International Trade Negotiations revealed that spices and herbs are one of the products that export growth well. The first quarter of 2021 (Jan. Contributing factor As 13 FTA countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam, have already exempted import duties from Thailand. (Excluding plants, drug groups) The remaining five countries still collect some tariffs, namely Lao PDR, dried chili collected at 5%, China pepper at 5%, Japan, seaweed extract at 30%, South Korea ginseng and ginseng extract. At 178.2- 603.4% and India pepper collected at 50%, cayenne ...
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