Australia: Full quail season will open in Victoria from Saturday

Published Apr 1, 2024

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The Victorian government has announced a full quail hunting season from April 6 to June 30, 2023, with a daily bag limit of 20 birds, despite a parliamentary inquiry recommending bans on such activities. The decision, rejecting the inquiry's recommendations, aims to support regional economies. Additionally, the duck hunting season is scheduled for April 10 to June 5, 2024, with a daily bag limit of six birds. This year will be the last that lead shot is permitted for quail hunting, with new regulations, including a ban on electronic quail callers, set to be introduced from 2025. Hunters must obtain permission for hunting on private property and are required to recover and salvage downed game birds. South Australia's quail season will run from April 27 to July 28, with a bag limit of 15. Both states require hunting permits, and Victoria plans to consult on changes to hunting regulations within the year.
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Victorian hunters will have access to a full quail season from Saturday. After reducing the season to 35 days last year, the Victorian government has announced the stubble quail season will run this year from April 6 through to June 30. In season 2022, the season ran from April 2 through to June 30. The bag limit is 20 birds per day. The heat has been on recreational hunting on Victoria since a parliamentary inquiry into the state's Native Bird Hunting Arrangements in 2023 called for bans on duck and quail shooting. The government rejected the inquiry's recommendations with fierce lobbying from several unions to continue with the sport. "Duck hunting is a legitimate activity ... it supports regional communities and economies," Victorian Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos said. The Game Management Authority estimates around 150,000 stubble quail are harvested each year, predominantly on private property in stubble paddocks and grasslands. The duck hunting season will open on ...
Source: Farmweekly
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