Gabon increases tuna production and exports

Updated Sep 21, 2023
Gabon's tuna industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks to the government's commitment to promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development. The country has taken strict measures to ensure the conservation of fish stocks and the conservation of marine ecosystems. This has contributed to maintaining high-quality tuna production and protecting marine biodiversity. Gabon's waters are rich in several species of tuna, including yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna and albacore.
These species are highly prized in the international market for their tasty meat. The Gabonese government is actively developing partnerships with foreign investors to develop the tuna industry. This has led to the opening of modern processing and packaging facilities that meet international standards. This modern infrastructure has enabled Gabon to export high-quality tuna to international markets, thereby contributing to the country's economic growth. Gabon's tuna industry has also had a positive impact on local communities, creating employment opportunities and contributing to food security for coastal populations. Local fishermen actively participated in the fishing process and took advantage of training and development programs to improve their skills and knowledge. Despite its successes, Gabon continues to face challenges in the sector, such as international competition and the need to ensure the long-term sustainability of marine resources. However, the ...
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