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Georgia: Top horticulture events in 2022

Updated Dec 21, 2022
The EastFruit Georgian team sums up the results of the main events in the field of fruit and vegetable business in Georgia in 2022. 2022 has been quite a difficult year for the Georgian horticultural sector, which is not surprising given the difficulties in the global economy. The 2021 global energy crisis, largely fueled by the rapid recovery of the economy from the Covid pandemic, has led to a sharp excess of demand over supply – hence rising energy prices.
The crisis was further exacerbated by Russia's unjust invasion of Ukraine. The war, which is still ongoing, is having a significant impact on Georgian horticulture, as the Georgian economy is closely linked to the markets of both countries through trade and tourism. As a reflection of the global hardship caused by the war, Georgian horticulture has faced rising production and logistics costs. The war also led to a decrease in external demand for Georgian fruits, nuts and vegetables, but local demand increased due to the migration of Russian citizens to Georgia. For example, local demand for greens has grown so much that a major Georgian supplier decided to stop exporting and focus entirely on the domestic market. In addition, growing demand has encouraged imports of watermelons even before the start of the Georgian season, we investigated whether Georgia could start production earlier. One of the key external factors from 2022 that is still affecting the local market is the crisis ...
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