Germany maintains trend of reducing meat consumption until 2023

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Published Apr 12, 2024

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In 2023, Germany witnessed a notable decrease in meat consumption, with per capita figures dropping by 430 grams to 51.6 kilograms, as reported by the Federal Center for Agricultural Information (BZL). This decline was most pronounced in beef consumption, which fell by almost 5% to 8.9 kilograms per person, and pork, which saw a reduction of nearly 600 grams to 27.5 kilograms per person. Conversely, poultry consumption, especially chicken, experienced a rise, increasing by about 900 grams to 13.1 kilograms per person. This trend aligns with a global decrease in meat consumption and a significant reduction in meat imports, particularly pork, with Germany's net pork production also declining to 4.2 million tons in 2023.
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According to preliminary data from the Federal Center for Agricultural Information (BZL), per capita meat consumption in Germany decreased by 430 grams to 51.6 kilograms in 2023. Beef recorded the largest percentage decline, with per capita consumption falling by almost 5% to 8.9 kilograms per person. The share of pork also decreased in 2023, with the amount consumed falling by almost 600 grams, to 27.5 kilograms per person. A quarter of the meat consumed is poultry, especially chicken, which recorded an increase of around 900 grams per person in 2023, meaning a per capita consumption of 13.1 kilograms. The global decline in meat consumption is accompanied by a reduction in imports of pork, beef, meat products and preserved meat. Pork imports in particular are steadily decreasing (most ...
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