Global consumption of table olives is increasing sharply

Published Mar 6, 2021

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Consumption of table olives in Egypt increased from 11,000 tonnes in the 1990/1991 crop year to 650,000 tonnes in 2019/2020. Algeria has increased during this period from 14,000 to 325,000 tonnes and Turkey from 110,000 to 340,000 tonnes. Among the IOC member countries during the year 2019, Albania, which is at the peak of consumption per capita and per year, stands out with 10.6 kg, says Olimerca. It is, therefore, followed by Algeria with a consumption of 7.1 kg per capita per year, which makes a total of 305,000 tonnes per year. Egypt comes with a consumption of 6.0 kg and Turkey with 4.2 kg. The rest of the countries weigh less than 4 kg per capita per year. The consumption of table olives in the countries of the European Union increased by 63.8% between 1990/1991 and 2019/2020, from 346,500 tonnes in 1990/1991 to 567,500 tonnes in 2019/2020. That in the European Union in 2019 is 1.2 kg per capita per year. Regarding the group of non-IOC member countries, Syria (6.4 kg) stands ...
Source: Agrimaroc
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