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Anhydrous Milk Fat (Butter oil)
Published Dec 6, 2023

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In Tuesday's Global Dairy Trade session, the overall index rose by 1.6%, with the biggest increase seen in the Cheddar cheese market, up by 9.7%. Other products like lactose, butter milk powder, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, butter, and anhydrous milk fat also saw price increases. However, no Mozzarella cheese was available for trading in this session, but it is listed at a price of $4,005 per metric ton.
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The biggest price jump was in the Cheddar cheese market, where the index rose 9.7% to $3,986 dollars a metric ton, or $1.80 per pound. Lactose values rose 5.3% to $793 dollars per metric ton or $0.35 per pound. Butter milk powder was up 2.8%, closing at $2,387 a ton or $1.08 per pound. Whole milk powder rose 2.1% to $3,104 per metric ton, or $1.40 per pound. Skim milk powder was also up by 1.2% to $2,671 per metric ton, or $1.21 per pound. Butter prices rose 0.7% to $4,936 per ton or $2.23 per pound. Anhydrous milk fat held steady at $5,573 per metric ton, or $2.52 per pound. The Global Dairy Trading platform is now available for trading Mozzarella cheese, but none was available for Tuesday’s trading event. The quoted price is $4,005 dollars per metric ton or $1.81 per pound. None of the dairy products on ...
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