Global market overview, bell peppers

Published Apr 1, 2023

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The global bell pepper market had been marked by weather challenges earlier in the season, causing lower availability and higher prices, particularly in European countries. In Germany, the supply of bell peppers has now increased again, mainly from Spain, Turkey, and the Benelux countries, resulting in falling prices.

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In Italy, despite the low profitability of bell pepper and the reduction of the areas for the 2022/23 season, the prices of peppers continue to be attractive and are in the range of 2.00 to 2.50 €/kg. In Spain, the pepper season is in its last stages in Almeria with lower volumes compared to the same period of last year and high prices. Meanwhile, the Murcian peppers are showing good volumes and high quality and will remain in the markets until the beginning of August. In North America, the summer pepper production in California is uncertain due to recent weather challenges, while the bulk of the production is currently out of Mexico. The demand for peppers is slow for this time of year, but it is expected to pick up next month when retailers move into summer pricing mode. Finally, the price of Mexican peppers in the US market has increased in March due to the ongoing weather challenges in California Netherlands: Later switch from Spanish to Dutch peppersOver the next five weeks, ...
Source: Hortidaily
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