The Bangladesh government nods to green chili import to tame price hike

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Published Jun 26, 2023

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The Bangladesh government has approved import proposals from 30 companies to import 11,600 tonnes of green chilli and 55,600 tonnes of tomatoes due to rising prices in the local market ahead of Eid-ul-Adha. The prices of green chilli and tomatoes have increased significantly in the past month, with green chilli now being sold at Tk300-350 per kg and tomatoes at Tk80-100 per kg in the market. The shortage of green chilli has been attributed to damage caused by heavy rains, leading to a decline in supply.
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Four days after the premier advised people to dry chilli for the rainy season, the government has given a nod to 30 companies to import the spice in the wake of spiralling prices in the local market ahead of Eid-ul-Adha. The agriculture ministry on Sunday gave approval to the purchase proposals from traders for importing 11,600 tonnes of green chilli. It also gave a nod to 68 traders for importing 55,600 tonnes of tomatoes, said a press release of the ministry. According to the Department of Agricultural Marketing, green chilies are sold at Tk250-280 per kg in the kitchen markets in the capital which was Tk120-130 a month ago. Tomatoes were sold at Tk110-130 per kg which was Tk60-70 a month ago. During visits to several kitchen markets in the city on Sunday, it was found that green chilies are sold at Tk300-350 and tomatoes are sold at Tk80-100. The supply of the spice declines as green chilli fields have been damaged due to heavy rains across the country, traders claimed. Prime ...
Source: TBS
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