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Grain market in Poland, September 18, 2022

Updated Oct 10, 2022
In cereal plants monitored by the Integrated Agricultural Market Information System of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on September 12–18, 2022, the price of wheat for consumption was PLN 1,508 / t. It was 1% less than a week earlier and 2% less than a month ago. At the same time, the price of this grain was 52% higher than in the previous year.
Domestic grain purchase prices In the analyzed week, the price of consumer wheat on the EU market amounted to EUR 336 / t and was at the same level as the week before. This grain was 1% more expensive than last month and by 49% more than last year. In Poland, the price of wheat for consumption expressed in the EU currency was lower by 6% than the average in the European Union and was at the level of EUR 317 / t. It was, inter alia, 7% lower than in Germany, 3% than in France and 4% lower than in the Czech Republic, but 3% higher than in Bulgaria. The price of consumer rye in Poland amounted to PLN 1,216 / t and was 0.4% higher than the week before. This grain was 1% cheaper than last month, but 50% more expensive than the year before. Purchase price of feed barley in the third week of September this year. similar to the previous week, it amounted to PLN 1,306 / t and was higher by 2% than a month ago and by 51% than in the corresponding period of 2021. For feed barley in the EU ...
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