Bulgaria: We eat bread from low-quality Ukrainian wheat infected with pathogens

Published Oct 29, 2022

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Bulgarian consumers consume bread produced from extremely low-quality Ukrainian grain infected with pathogens. Allegedly, the grain from Ukraine only had to pass through Bulgaria in transit and go to final destinations in needy and poor countries, and thousands of tons of it enter Bulgaria and never leave it. This explains why many Bulgarian grain producers, who grow wheat with extremely high nutritional qualities, are already on the verge of bankruptcy, and their goods remain unsold in warehouses.

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This is what Radoslav Hristov, former chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers, said in an interview. He cultivates 8 thousand acres and grows wheat and sunflower. The reason for the conversation is the Agreement on the export of grain from Ukraine, concluded in July between Russia, Ukraine and the UN with the help of Turkey, which should expire in a few days. Whether it will be continued is still not clear. A few days ago, the deadline for the movement of Ukrainian grain through Bulgaria was extended until 2024. Maybe they are aware that the war will not end at all by then, commented Hristov. The import of grain from Ukraine has a terrible impact on the prices of wheat in our country, whose prices are going down because of the cheap supply of the imported commodity in our country. The situation is very difficult, because when selling the high-quality Bulgarian wheat, known for its rich nutritional qualities, the producers will be at an absolute loss. It is ...
Source: Utroruse
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