Guidelines for exporting agro products from Nigeria

Published Jun 23, 2021

Original content

The Netherlands is amongst Nigeria's biggest trading partners. Nigeria exports agricultural products like cocoa beans, cashew nuts in shell, frozen shrimps, ginger, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, aquatic invertebrates, oilseed, grain, seed, fruits to the Netherlands. The Nigerian government policies on agriculture are focused on agro-export promotion amongst others. There is also a growing interest of Dutch agribusiness companies in Nigeria, the focus of the Nigerian industrial policies towards earning more forex, and the growing private capital investments in the agro-export value chain has triggered an interest to study the agro-export value chain . A study was commissioned by the LNV West Africa to provide clear insights into the procedures, policies, and challenges of exporting agricultural-related products and services from Nigeria. The information is expected to guide international trade between the Netherlands and Nigeria. Increased food trade can help Nigeria meet the ...
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