Hard blow to the Peruvian pocket: A kilo of chicken reaches 12.7 soles in Lima

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Published Feb 25, 2024

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The ongoing heat wave is causing a surge in chicken and egg prices due to its impact on production. The 'Mi Caserita' application from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) reports that chicken prices have exceeded S/11 per kilo in retail markets. Additionally, a potential poultry virus outbreak in a La Libertad farm led to the culling of nearly 27,000 birds. However, the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) assures that the situation is now under control.
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Coming from Summer 2024: heat wave raises chicken and egg prices The heat wave is affecting the chickens and their egg production, this also affects the birds that are offered. And this is already being evident in the rise in the price of chicken - which, although there are different factors, the heat wave pushed the cost that had been becoming more expensive a little more. According to the 'Mi Caserita' application, from the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), the price of chicken is already above S/11 per kilo in retail markets, and in some it already reaches more than S/12, being its highest price, as of February 22, in the San José de Jesús María market, where the kilo is S/12.68. Currently, the price of gutted chicken can be found at its cheapest cost in Lima at the Reynoso Market in the Carmen de la Legua Reynoso district, where although it is still at S/10.07, this price showed a slight increase with compared to last week. Before it cost S/8.5. As is ...
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