Hong Kong: Chile and Thailand main suppliers of fresh fruits

Hong Kong
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Published Jan 30, 2024

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Hong Kong, with its limited local agricultural production, is a significant market for global fresh fruit exporters, importing US$3.7 billion worth of fresh fruits in 2022. The market is primarily dominated by Chile and Thailand, with the US being the fifth largest supplier. Despite a decline in U.S. exports to Hong Kong in 2022 due to high prices and shipping disruptions, a recovery was observed in 2023. Hong Kong re-exports 70% of its fruit imports, mainly to mainland China. High-quality Japanese and American fruits are popular in the city despite their high prices.
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According to a report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Hong Kong (China) is one of the main destinations to which exporters from all over the world send their fresh fruits. Farmland in Hong Kong is limited. In 2022, local agricultural production (livestock and crops) produced around US$173 million in fresh food. Therefore, Hong Kong depends on imports of fresh produce to feed its 7.3 million residents. The openness of Hong Kong's food import regime and its well-traveled consumers demanding a wide range of fruit offerings make this city an excellent and competitive fresh fruit export destination. Hong Kong consumers are health conscious and fruits are an integral part of their daily diet. In 2022, U.S. exports of fresh fruit to Hong Kong declined 27% to $105 million from 2021. High prices and disruptions in shipping logistics as a result of the pandemic contributed to the decline that year. However, US fresh fruit exports began to recover in 2023, growing 20% in the ...
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