Horrendous prices of vegetables and fruits due to weather, inflation and energy prices, globally

Published Mar 13, 2023

Tridge summary

In the UK, supermarkets have introduced a limit of three tomatoes per customer. You can buy a maximum of two peppers in the Netherlands. In Germany, customers complain about the prices of cucumbers, while in Spain, farmers patrol the fields at night against fruit and vegetable thieves. There is a lot of talk about the "onion crisis" in Slovakia.

Original content

The shortage of vegetables and fruit has hit the UK. Four UK supermarket chains have introduced restrictions on the sale of certain fruit and vegetables. In the Asda chain, one person could buy a maximum of three pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and three packages of raspberries, while in Morrisons the restrictions concerned cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers - two pieces per customer. Aldi and Tesco decided to take a similar step - in both they limited the sale of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers to three pieces per person. Vegetables becoming a luxury good in the EU? As experts point out, shortages in the islands are mainly the result of extreme weather events - exceptionally low temperatures in southern Spain and flooding in Morocco, where products are mostly imported - which affected the harvest, as well as high energy prices, which resulted in reduced production in greenhouses. The problem of costs is also highlighted by the Spanish ...
Source: Farmer.pl
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