Poland: Hydroponics is gaining more and more popularity in Argentina!

Published Jan 2, 2021

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Soil degradation as a consequence of unsustainable management and inadequate practices has turned hydroponics and soil cultivation into alternative vegetable production techniques. In Argentina, these cultivation techniques are gaining ground. - said Analia Puerta, National Coordinator of the Tierra Sana project implemented by INTA and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) under the Montreal Protocol. - she emphasized.

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The most suitable hydroponic products are for leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula and Swiss chard. The most outstanding products in the substrate system are the cultivation of tomatoes, strawberries and, to a lesser extent, peppers. Read also: Professional potato production in the organic system - emphasized Puerta. In addition, hydroponics promotes the production and sale of locally grown produce. Puerta said. This production system has been consolidated as a technology with recognized performance and mass deployment in developed and highly technical countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. Puerta said. Almost any plant can be grown hydroponically. The commonly used sowing of watercress on moist lignin ...
Source: SwiatRolnika
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