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Illegal fishing by Chinese fishing boats rising again in South Korea

South Korea
Updated Jan 25, 2023
There are reports that Chinese fishing boats, which seemed quiet for a while due to Corona 19, are appearing again. It is said that they have recently invaded the West Sea of Korea and the South Sea near Jeju Island, and are catching croaker, mackerel, and hairtail at random through illegal fishing activities.
In particular, nets with a net as small as 2cm are strictly prohibited from being installed in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), but Chinese fishing boats are sweeping away fishing resources by spreading super-large nets 250m in length and 75m in height, causing great damage to Korean fishermen. Chinese long-net fishing boats are said to be playing hide-and-seek with the Korean Coast Guard, taking a guerrilla style of staying near the fishery agreement line and immediately leaving their fishing gear at night or during bad weather. Illegal fishing by Chinese fishing boats seems to be a headache for North Korea as well. In North Korea's North Pyongan Province, offshore Cholsan County, illegal fishing is being conducted and indiscriminate fishing is being conducted to the extent that resources are depleted. This is because the number of fishermen's working days has increased as China eased COVID-19 quarantine measures, and illegal fishing is prevalent in South Korean and North ...
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