Impossible to eat asado or milanesas in Argentina as they increased their price more than 70% in the last twelve months

Updated May 4, 2021
Liliana Vera Ibáñez Writing LID @liluzlisam According to the monthly survey of nearby businesses in 20 districts of the Buenos Aires suburbs, the prices of the 57 products of the Basic Basket in April rose 3.47% on average, and so far this year the increase was 17.23% . The Isepci indicated that so far this year (four months) meat continues to lead the price increases: while since last December, greengrocery products increased 8.20% and those of warehouse 14.88%, in the case of meat was 25.72%. In the last 12 months the increases in cuts of meat were exorbitant. The roast rose 77.14%, the meat 61.29%, the buttock for milanesas 72.50%, the shoulder 61.50% and the minced meat 61.29%. Added to the meatless pots are the increase in the prices of fruits and vegetables. So far in 2021 the products that increased the most were: lettuce 50%, oranges 42.86%, mandarins 25%, chard 20% and onion 16 , 58%. They squeeze their pockets and empty their shopping bags. In the warehouse area, the ...
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