In the Lviv region, a farmer grows one of the largest black walnut plantations in Ukraine

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Published Sep 24, 2020

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In the village of Banyunyn, Lviv region, farmer Mykhailo Kostiuk grows one of the largest black walnut plantations, and the wood is used to decorate expensive cars and yachts. Besides, he is full of everything! The farm is located on the route Kyiv-Chop. Here, the farmer also located a self-service store, where there are no sellers or cash registers - all in trust. They now sell pumpkins and other vegetables, fruits and seedlings.

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Every day the farmer earns 1000-1500 UAH, which people leave in a glass jar for the purchased goods. He says he would earn three times as much if more apples were born this year. This is how he has been working for the third year, according to the story of the First Western TV and Radio Company. However, the most interesting thing on his farm is black walnut. According to the farmer, 1 gram of black walnut replaces 50 grams of lemon, as vitamin C. Also, this nut is unique in that the wood from it is very valuable, used in the decoration of expensive cars and yachts. Sells seedlings to customers in Austria. For 1 sapling - 11 euros. At the moment, Mr. Mykhailo has no profit, because the trunk will mature in thirty years, but the business, he says, is profitable. From 1 hectare you can get 600 cubes of wood. For 1 cubic meter of wood you can earn an average of 5,000 euros, which is about 3 million euros per hectare. The man has almost the largest black walnut plantation in Ukraine - ...
Source: AgroReview
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