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Russia: In the Orenburg region, only 20 percent of winter crops are in poor condition

В Оренбуржье только 20 процентов озимых находятся в неудовлетворительном состоянии
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Apr 19, 2022
From Zol
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But the area under the main “insurance” crop in the region has halved this year. In the Orenburg region, only 20 percent of winter crops are in an unsatisfactory condition. Such data are given by the regional Ministry of Agriculture. As another inspection showed, more than 70 percent of crops are in good and satisfactory condition - this is almost 350 thousand hectares. However, due to last year's drought, the area under winter crops has almost halved to 512,000 hectares. In the last five years, less than 900,000 hectares have not been left for winter crops, and this year there is a plan of 1 million hectares of winter crops. Such attention is paid to these crops in the region, because they are considered "safety crops" - even in very dry years they give a more or less stable harvest. And in 2020, the share of winter crops in the total ...
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