India: In their land of origin, gyr cows reach 50 liters of milk a day

Cow Milk
Published Dec 21, 2021

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Recent articles on web portals in India have highlighted the potential of gyr cows to produce milk, noting that many farmers have chosen these specimens to make the Asian country the largest milk producer in the world. India has the largest dairy herd in the world with more than 300 million animals, which produce more than 187 billion liters of milk per year (22% globally), almost double what the United States produces, the second largest milk producing nation. According to this article, to improve dairy production, the correct selection of the cattle breed is very important, and when it comes to the best breed of cow, people prefer the gyr cow, which is becoming the first choice. of the ranchers. In addition to cow's milk, ghee (clarified butter from Indian cuisine), urine and manure are also sold at a good price, which is why many producers choose it. (Read: Study concluded that in vitro embryo production would be better in gyr cows) In India, gyr cows can produce up to 50 ...
Source: MXContexto
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