Peru: Inacal approves banana quality requirements to improve its marketing and consumption

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Published Oct 14, 2023

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The National Quality Institute (Inacal) has approved a Peruvian Technical Standard (NTP) to improve the quality standards of banana production and packaging. This standard aims to ensure a safe and healthy product that meets national and international standards. Peru has seen a significant increase in organic banana exports, with close to 159,000 tons in 2022, highlighting the importance of establishing quality standards and promoting their adoption among producers.
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“We know that bananas are a fruit with high export potential, because they are highly required by international markets. Even in 2022, Peruvian exports of organic bananas reached close to 159,000 tons, which represents an increase of 39% compared to 2021. In that sense, it is important to continue promoting Peruvian Technical Standards that contribute to establishing quality standards in this and other fruits, so that more and more producers apply these requirements in their processes, with the aim of guaranteeing an optimal product that improves their economy and that takes care of the health of the final consumer, indicated the president of Inacal, César José Bernabé Pérez. Quality requirements The “NTP-CODEX CXS 205:2019 / STANDARD FOR BANANA (BANANA). 1st Edition”, is applicable to commercial varieties of bananas (plantains) that are supplied fresh to the consumer, after conditioning and packaging. It is specified that the bananas must be whole, healthy, clean, of firm ...
Source: AgroPeru
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