Irrigation with sensors saves water in tomato plants in Nigeria

Updated Nov 9, 2022
Sensor-based drip system helps save water and increases productivity.
The lack of water over the years and the demand for water resources is the subject of constant discussions around the world. Now imagine irrigating the tomato crop and saving water, compared to traditional drip? This is what the experiment carried out by the Department of Agriculture and Environment at Bayero University in Nigeria suggests. According to the study carried out by the Nigerians, the drip system is based on an automatic sensor installed at a depth of 15 centimeters, these sensors monitor the moisture levels in the soil, which allows for the equal distribution of water in the crop. The technology allows water shortages, when perceived, to trigger an irrigation controller, releasing water for the tomatoes. When the technology realizes that the water availability limit is reached, the water flow is stopped to prevent the roots from rotting. The ...
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