It has consistently failed to deliver and catastrophically so for most of the UK fleet: Fishing group calls for government change

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Published Feb 20, 2024

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UK Fisheries, the company that owns the last distant-water whitefish trawler in the UK, is urging for a change in the government's approach to the fishing sector. This comes as the UK's whitefish quotas have been reduced by over half since Brexit, despite the company's lobbying efforts. As the country is likely heading into an election year, UK Fisheries is hopeful for a government change that could potentially revive the distant-waters fishing industry in the northeast of England.
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UK Fisheries, the owner and operator of the UK's last distant-water whitefish trawler Kirkella, is calling for a radical change of government thinking when it comes to the fishing sector as the country enters a likely election year. The UK fleet has seen its whitefish quotas slashed by more than a half since Brexit, despite multiple lobbying attempts by UK fisheries over the past four years to improve the outcome of fisheries negotiations. "In what will (almost) certainly be the election year of 2024, we at UK Fisheries have now ...
Source: Intrafish
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