Zimbabwe: January disease, a haunting to cattle in Insiza district

Updated Mar 12, 2023
The ghastly January disease that ‘devoured’ hundreds of cattle in Insiza Matabeleland North province has come back to haunt farmers and villagers, as there are new reports of cattle deaths from the distict. Last month government implemented a mandatory quarantine on cattle movement, in an effort to prevent the disease from spreading and possibly contain it.
Source: January disease: a haunting in Insiza district | The Chronicle (Top Stories) Peter Matika, Online Desk However, like a vengeful spirit, the disease has returned and has claimed the lives of more cattle, leaving villagers and farmers in more distress. File picture: A farmer examines a cow that succumbed to January disease in Fort Rixon “Even despite the mandatory quarantine, we are still losing cattle. The disease had gone docile since the implementation of the quarantine but has since returned and is quite vicious,” said Mr Nkani Khoza a farmer in the district. Mr Khoza said to date he had lost 35 beasts to the disease, while other farmers and villagers had completely lost all their livestock. Mr Nkani Khoza with some of the medication he bought to save his remaining cattle. Farmers have resorted to experiment with a variety of medicines to contain the disease “I am among the few and when I say few, I mean a few fortunate farmers, who have been working strenuously to save ...
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