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Poland: June fruit and vegetables, which are the most popular?

Owoce i warzywa czerwca - które najpopularniejsze?
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Jul 1, 2022
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In June, strawberries were traditionally the most popular fruit, and tomatoes were the most popular vegetables. These two species were consumed by nine out of ten Poles (85% and 91% respectively). Poles also indicated tomatoes and strawberries as the most encouraging to eat. Strawberries were the first choice for 60%, tomatoes 42%, followed by raspberries (39%) and apples (34%). They compare the results to June born. the consumption of haskap berries increased the most (by as much as 70%), blackcurrant products (by 31%) and blueberries (by 21%).
Blueberry has gained as much as Kamchatka in the last 2 years. In June 2020, it had 7.1 million consumers, today it already has 12 million. This is an increase of 68% and a good prognosis for the beginning of the season. Late spring changes our plates. 56% of Poles still have a diet that is too low in fruit and vegetables, but in April there were over two-thirds (67%) of such people. The most valuable meal of Poles in terms of the content of vegetables and fruit is lunch. In 47% of respondents, it consists of at least half of vegetables and fruit. In May, compared to April, this result increased by 8 percentage points. The most popular fruit in early June was strawberries. Their consumption in the week preceding the survey is declared by over eight in ten Poles (85%). Strawberries were also eaten the most often. 3% of Poles ate them every day, and a further 10% 4-5 times a week. Apples, which were eaten by less than four out of five (79%) of the respondents, were in second place ...
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