KOWR: horse breeding in Janów Podlaski, Poland has lost its reputation on the world market

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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The Janów Podlaski horse breeding farm, known for its pure-bred Arabian horses, has faced significant challenges over the past 7 years due to mismanagement by politically appointed leaders, leading to a decline in reputation, poor auction results, and a loss of international presence. An audit highlighted the issue of frequent staff changes, undermining the farm's stability. The National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR) has recognized these problems and is implementing recovery plans, including stabilizing staff, halting the sale of valuable breeding horses, and enhancing the preparation and support for the Pride of Poland auction. Efforts to rebuild the farm's prestige involve consulting former esteemed presidents and a horse breeding specialist.
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The horse breeding farm in Janów Podlaski has been devastated over the last 7 years and has lost its reputation on the global market. The stud farm was managed by incompetent people, often appointed by the party, said the deputy head of KOWR, Lucjan Zwolak, at Tuesday's briefing, citing the conclusions of the report on the breeding of Arabian horses. At the request of the National Center for Agricultural Support (KOWR), a report on the analysis of the state of breeding pure-bred Arabian horses in the stud farms in Janów Podlaski and Michałów was prepared by two former presidents of these stud farms, Marek Trela and Jerzy Białobok, and a horse breeding specialist at the former Agricultural Property Agency, Anna Stojanowska . "For 7 years, there was a carousel of changes in the positions of presidents in both studs, leading to a complicated staffing and breeding situation. At that time, the stud in Janów Podlaski had 8 presidents, and in Michałów there were 6 of them," Zwolak said, ...
Source: AgroPolska
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