Brazil: MAPA and MPA announce suspension of tilapia imports from Vietnam

Frozen Tilapia
Published Feb 8, 2024

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Brazil has suspended tilapia imports from Vietnam due to health risk concerns. The decision was made by the Ministers of Agriculture and Livestock and Fisheries and Aquaculture, following concerns from the Brazilian Fish Farming Association about the potential introduction of the TILV virus and the use of polyphosphate to artificially increase the weight of fish fillets. The Association's president, Francisco Medeiros, noted that Brazil, being the 4th largest producer of tilapia in the world, does not need to import the fish to meet domestic demand.
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Ministers Carlos Fávaro, of Agriculture and Livestock (MAPA), and André de Paulta, of Fisheries and Aquaculture (MPA), announced today (02/07/2024) that imports of tilapia from Vietnam are suspended until all health risk analyzes of products coming from that country. “The decision by MAPA and MPA meets the insistent requests of the Brazilian Fish Farming Association (Peixe BR). Since confirming the import of a batch of tilapia from Vietnam in December, we have made clear the fear of the TILV virus entering Brazil, in addition to the use of polyphosphate in Vietnam to artificially increase the weight of tilapia and pangasius fillets”, he highlights. Francisco Medeiros, executive president of Peixe BR. In a recent statement, Medeiros reported that Brazil is a large importer of pangasius from Vietnam and, as the analysis of imported fish was carried out by sampling, “an unidentified volume of pangasius treated with polyphosphate is entering the country. This is also worrying, as it ...
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