Global fruit market status as of week 15

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South Africa
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Published Apr 15, 2024

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This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the fruit market, focusing on kiwis, plums, table grapes, peaches, apples, and pears across various regions. It highlights the significant trends such as the strong presence of Chilean kiwis in Mexico, brisk plum sales in Europe, opportunities for imported grapes in China, the effect of reduced nectarine supply on Latin American prices, the competitive edge of foreign apples in Europe, and the scarcity of imported pears in China. The article also discusses the mixed price trends observed in the market, with some fruits witnessing price hikes due to limited supply, while others experience price drops, reflecting the complex dynamics of the global fruit market.
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Comments Week 15 - 2024 Kiwi: In Latin America, the first Chilean arrivals are moving at a good pace in Mexico, while in Brazil their rotation has not yet been perceived. Plums: Sales of plums in Europe remain agile, with supply mainly from South Africa and to a lesser extent from Chile. Table grapes: New arrivals and openings of imported grapes in the China market. Meanwhile, Chilean shipments to the Far East have lower volumes than last season. Peaches: Decrease in the supply of nectarines in Latin America generates increases in their prices, while the arrival of large sizes in Mexico and a lower spirit in the Brazilian market have a negative impact on peach prices. Apples: Supply of local apples continues to supply the European market, however, overseas apples are gradually gaining position. This week, the volumes of Royal Gala, both Chilean and South African, dragged the prices of bicolor apples upward. Pears: Low volumes of imported pears in the Chinese market, which register ...
Source: MXfruit
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