Global fruit market status as of week 19

Published May 13, 2024

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The Chilean kiwi sales season has started with high prices and peak weekly shipments that surpass 2023. The table grape market is experiencing price variations due to the condition of white seedless varieties, with Chile being the main supplier, supplemented by increasing Mexican tonnages. The imported apple market in Europe is growing, with price increases and Chilean exports exceeding the previous season. The Chinese market has a limited presence of imported pears, while Chile is shipping new pears to the Far East. The lemon season has started with shipments to the Far East, and Chile is also exporting soft citrus. The orange market is facing uneven supply and price fluctuations.
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Comments Week 19 - 2024 Kiwi: The Chilean kiwi sales season begins at high prices. Peak weekly shipments to date are higher than 2023. Table grape: Market continues to be divided by the condition seen in white seedless varieties in circulation, influencing the prices achieved. Offer dominated by Chilean fruit, while Mexican tonnages are increasing. Apples: The imported apple market in Europe is advancing without major setbacks, with prices rising at the industry level. Chilean exports of red and green apples to Europe exceed those of the previous season. Pears: A limited presence of imported pears remains in the Chinese market. For its part, Chile records new shipments to the Far East, although with lower volumes than the previous year. Lemons: The Chilean season records its first shipments of lemons to the Far East. Oranges: Supply remains uneven depending on size, influencing prices compared to the previous year within the US market. Soft Citrus: Market without major movement of ...
Source: MXfruit
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