Global market state, week 7

Fresh Blueberry
Fresh Nectarine
Published Feb 19, 2024

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The European market is experiencing a positive trend in the sales of high-quality blueberries, with prices surpassing those of the previous campaign. Meanwhile, Chilean plums are being sold at high prices in Mexico, while the market in Brazil remains stable. Despite a slight increase in the volumes of table grapes and nectarines in Europe, limited demand and some condition issues have led to a decrease in weekly prices. However, the prices for these fruits still remain higher than the previous campaign.
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Comments Week 07 - 2024 Blueberries: During this week, blueberries of good quality and condition in general were observed in the European market, which maintained a good sales pace and with prices that continue above the previous campaign. Plums: New shipments of Chilean plums are marketed in Mexico, registering high prices. In Brazil, no major developments are observed, maintaining a trend similar to that seen the previous week. Table grapes: A slight increase in the volumes of table grapes offered in the European market, together with limited demand, causes a contraction in weekly prices, although they remain above the previous campaign. Stones: Slight increase in the volumes offered of nectarines and plums in the European market, together with some lots with condition problems, causes a decrease in weekly quotes. Below is more information on the state of fruit supply, demand and price in the different markets for blueberries, plums, table grapes and ...
Source: MXfruit
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