Meat exports of Argentina, the best January in the last nineteen years

Updated Mar 16, 2023
In year-on-year terms, a rebound of 31.3% was observed. Meanwhile, the average price of exported cuts fell 26.8% in the last year. The drop in unit value more than offset the increase in exported volume, which translated into a 3.8% year-on-year contraction in income from beef exports. The certification of vaccine exports was equivalent to 50.6 thousand tons pp of beef and 71.9 thousand tons of bone-in beef (tn r/c/h).
The recovery of the exported volume of beef, which was 31.3% per year, was mainly explained by higher shipments to China, which explained 76.5% of the total increase. Between January 2022 and January 2023, rebounds were also observed in shipments to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Chile and the US. Regarding the average price of beef exports, in the first month of the year it was 4,093 dollars per tn pp and was 6.3% lower than the previous month and 26.8% lower than January last year. . As we have highlighted in previous Reports, the average price decline was widespread and significant. The value of beef exports was 206.9 million dollars in the first month of the year. In relation to January 2022, a drop of 3.8% was observed. Of the total invoiced, sales to China accounted for 58.7% (121.4 million dollars; -13.2% annual). In February, the price of real estate continued to recover, and once again at a faster rate than in the three previous months. The monthly average was located ...
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