Meat market in Poland on February 26, 2023

Updated Mar 16, 2023
Live pig purchase prices In the European Union since the end of January this year. an increase in the prices of live pigs is observed. On February 20-26, 2023, class E slaughter pigs in the EU were purchased at EUR 225.22/100 kg of chilled slaughter weight, which is 2% more expensive than the week before and 11% more than a month ago. This was a price level higher by 66% than in the previous year. The price of pigs for slaughter of this class in Poland, expressed in EUR, amounted to EUR 230.78/100 kg and was 2.5% higher than the average price in the EU. Prices of this livestock were lower than in Poland, e.g. in Denmark by EUR 55.50/100 kg, the Netherlands by EUR 21.84/100 kg, Spain by EUR 7.26/100 kg and France by EUR 3.78/100 kg, and higher e.g. in Germany by EUR 5.22/100 kg and in Hungary by EUR 3.48/100 kg. The upward trend in purchase prices of live pigs was also maintained on the domestic market. According to the data of the Integrated Agricultural Market Information System ...
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