Mexican perspective on GMO corn ban

Maize (Corn)
United States
Published Mar 14, 2023

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This year Mexico expects to import 18 million metric tons from U.S. corn producers, but the Mexican government is moving toward banning genetically modified corn from the U.S. While the Mexican government wants to see its farmers more self-sufficient in growing non-GM corn, there are big questions on whether Mexico can actually do it and whether this will harm the ag sector and consumers.

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GUADALAJARA, Mexico (DTN) -- The stakes are high for farmers on both sides of the border to solve the trade issue of whether U.S. genetically modified yellow corn will continue to be exported to Mexico. While Mexican government officials believe their country can work toward being more self-sufficient in replacing U.S. yellow corn with its own locally grown corn, the ag community is less confident and warns of the impact of losing access to U.S. feed. Mexico, in the current marketing year, was the top buyer of U.S. corn, with more than 5.5 million metric tons (mmt) shipped and outstanding sales of another 6.5 mmt. Mexico purchased 16.4 mmt for the market year that ended Sept. 1. This year Mexico expects to import 18 mmt. The big question being asked in the ag sector and by farmers is where the corn will be produced if the 18 mmt is banned from the U.S.: Mexico is currently not self-sufficient in growing yellow corn and, in fact, corn producers have been switching corn production ...
Source: Dtnpf
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