South Korea: Miryang Eoreumgol apple fruit set rate is less than 30%, causing concern

Published May 25, 2024

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Miryang City in South Korea is facing a significant issue with the fruit set rate of its Eoreumgol apples, a local agricultural specialty, dropping below 30% due to abnormal weather conditions during the apple fertilization period. The rapid temperature changes have led to excessive drying after rain, causing poor fertilization and a decrease in the fruit set rate. This problem has left farmers worried about a potential early fruit drop in mid-June, leading to a significantly reduced apple production compared to last year. In response, Miryang Mayor An Byeong-gu has visited the affected areas to address the concerns of the farmers and is planning to request government recognition of the crop disaster and disaster insurance payments to assist the farmers.
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Farmers are deeply worried as the fruit set rate of Eoreumgol apples, a representative agricultural specialty of Miryang City, Gyeongsangnam-do, is below 30% in many places. Miryang City Agricultural Technology Center frequently rains between mid-April and early May, which is the apple fertilization period, and the rapid daily temperature range of over 20℃ and daytime temperature rising up to 28℃ cause drying out after moisture, resulting in a fruit set rate of 30% in the Eoreumgol Apple Complex. It was revealed that there are a number of places where the percentage is below %. Accordingly, Miryang Mayor An Byeong-gu visited the main production area of Eoreumgol apples in Sannae-myeon, where fertilization was poor and the fruit set rate decreased sharply due to abnormal climate, on the 21st to encourage farmers and listen to the voices of the field. Miryang Eoreumgol Apple farmers are experiencing difficulties with the apple fruit set rate being less than half of last year, and ...
Source: Agrinet
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