Argentina: Missionary justice prohibited the import of ground yerba mate from Brazil and Paraguay

Published May 25, 2024

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A judge in Posadas, Argentina has ruled to ban the import of bulk ground yerba mate from neighboring countries and producers Brazil and Paraguay, expanding on a previous ruling that banned the import of yerba mate and green yerba mate. The judge's action is part of a broader provincial rejection of DNU 70/2023, which reduced the powers of the National Yerba Mate Institute. The Misiones Farmers' Union Association, which had promoted an Amparo action against the DNU, raised health and product quality issues. In the first quarter, nearly 4 million kilos of yerba mate entered the country from Brazil and Paraguay.
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Thanks to the judicial ruling of Fernando Escalante, Civil and Commercial Judge 5 of Posadas, the import of ground yerba mate in bulk was prohibited, coming from neighboring countries and also producers Brazil and Paraguay. This recent ruling expands on one issued a few days ago, in which the entry into the country of yerba mate and green yerba mate was prohibited, that is, the raw materials and the first production of the yerba product. What is added now is the ground weed ready for packaging and distribution, which, according to the justice system, harms producers and missionary cooperatives. This judicial action is part of the provincial rejection as a whole of DNU 70/2023 of the government of Javier Milei, which curtailed the powers of the National Yerba Mate Institute, the main one being to protect the provincial industry. The entirety of Escalante's ruling, both the first part and its recent extension, gives rise to a proposal made by the Misiones Farmers' Union Association ...
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