Moldova gets temporary trade liberalisation with the EU for seven foodstuffs

Fresh Tomato
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Published Jul 19, 2022

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EU ministers gave the final go-ahead to the regulation allowing Moldova to at least double their exports to the EU of tomatoes, garlic, table grapes, apples, cherries, plums, and grape juice for a period of one year without any duties.

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The regulation, adopted by the EU Council on Monday (18 July), aims at helping Moldova overcome the consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war, also representing a step forward in deepening its trade relations with the EU by increasing the country’s exports to the member states. In June, EU leaders approved the granting of EU candidate status to both Moldova and neighbouring Ukraine. Before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moldovan exports relied heavily on Ukrainian infrastructures. Ukraine, Russia and Belarus were also exporters of Moldovan agricultural products. The temporary trade liberalisation measures will redirect those exports toward the EU. As of now, relations between the EU and Moldova are governed by an Association Agreement that includes a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Moldova’s exports to the EU consist mainly of cereals and cereal preparations, seeds, fruits, vegetables, wines and vegetable oils. The regulation ensures the key seven agricultural ...
Source: Euractiv
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