Moroccan tomato growers can double exports

Updated Nov 9, 2022
Even though they seem to have reached a glass ceiling, Moroccan tomato growers say they have the potential to double their exports. How can they achieve this level with the constraints on water resources, usable areas and energy costs?
Laraisse Esserghini, Director of the Maroccan Association of Fruit and Vegetable Exporting Producers (APEFEL): "We will have to make a qualitative step in our cultivation facilities, in particular by modernizing greenhouses. Many Moroccan growers are now using Canary greenhouses, and we intend to replacing them with climate-controlled greenhouses." According to Esserghini, "Improving the global market reach of Moroccan growers is only possible if the greenhouses are improved in a sustainable way. That takes a big investment, but we have the capacity to achieve it if we are supported to invest in better greenhouses." be reassured by the Moroccan government and by the market in Europe through a possible agreement with the European Union." Now that the energy crisis has reduced or even completely stopped tomato production in greenhouses in Europe, APEFEL says they are ready to respond to new market demands, while maintaining high quality products and affordable prices for customers. ...
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