Morocco confidently increases exports of sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato
Published Mar 30, 2023

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Sweet potato, or sweet potato, recently regarded as a "superfood", has become another export-oriented crop for Morocco, according to EastFruit. In just a few years, Moroccan exporters managed to establish the export of these products literally from scratch, entering the premium markets of the EU countries and the Middle East.

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Thus, on average, in recent years, Morocco has increased the export of sweet potatoes by 67% annually, and in 2022 it doubled the volume of its supplies, which reached a record 1.2 thousand tons. For comparison, in 2017, Morocco exported only 90 tons of this product, and a year later, exports were kept at a minimum of 23 tons in recent years. Moreover, it was 2022 that became the first year in the history of Morocco when sweet potato was exported without interruption, i.e. monthly. In addition, the country managed to stretch the peak of its supplies for a significant period, although before that it happened mainly in June-July. Morocco also entered 2023 with a new record - in January of this year, exports of sweet potatoes almost quadrupled to 130 tons! The geography of the development of exports of sweet potatoes from Morocco is also interesting. In 2017, almost 100% of deliveries fell on the German market, but then Moroccan products were practically not supplied here. The ...
Source: Eastfruit
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