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New decision for puffer fish, the amount of support has increased in Turkey

Balon balığı için yeni karar! Fiyatı arttı
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Regulation / Agreement
Aug 5, 2022
From Haber7
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Fishermen who hunt 'lagocephalus sceleratus', one of the puffer fish species, will receive a support payment of 12.5 lira per piece, up to 200 thousand, and a support payment of 2.5 lira per piece, up to 1 million, to those who catch other species.
The Presidential Decision on the Amendment of the Decision on Supporting Balloon Fishing was published in the Official Gazette. With the decision, it is aimed to reduce the populations and stock participation rates of foreign invasive puffer fish that spread in Turkish territorial waters, to reduce the damage to the country's fisheries and economy, to protect aquatic biological diversity and stocks, and to ensure sustainable and rational use of resources. In this context, the direct support payment to be made per piece to fishermen engaged in fishing activities with a fishing vessel with a valid license and fishing invasive pufferfish species has been redefined. With the decision, the amount of support per piece was increased, while the determined number of pieces was reduced. Accordingly, fishermen who fish "lagocephalus sceleratus", one of ...
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