No oversupply of South African mandarins

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South Africa
Published Mar 10, 2023

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The first Satsumas are being harvested in Limpopo and the Eastern Cape, but volumes from the north of the country seem to have been reduced by this summer's high rainfall, resulting in swollen and oversized fruits in some blocks. "It looks like there is good demand for Satsumas now that Spain and Morocco are in short supply, and with the rains the South African product will decrease, giving a cautiously positive outlook," says a citrus trader.

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"These days there are no more high prices, but I think the Satsuma season could be good. At least there is no oversupply." Shipping and productivity in South African ports remain a concern, but the market outlook for Satsumas is an improvement from 12 months ago, he added. Lemons The lemon harvest started very early, about three to four weeks earlier than last year. Large volumes had already been packed before the heavy rains, which explains why South African lemon exports are so far more than 200,000 cartons of 15 kg ahead of last year's lemon exports at the end of week 9. The exporters lost their lead due to the heavy rains of the summer and the high risk of oleocellosis in lemons, and now say they are about four weeks behind schedule. "It has been very problematic to fall behind in our lemon season. There is now an unmet demand for lemons and that is a missed opportunity." At the end of week 9, South Africa has shipped 814,476 15 kg cartons of lemons, of which 49% went to the ...
Source: AGF
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