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Onion: A staple vegetable hit by rising prices in Morocco

Updated Jan 25, 2023
The price of onions is currently 8 to 10 dirhams per kilo for the end consumer. Moroccan consumers are increasingly concerned about rising prices, affecting staple foods and weakening their purchasing power. This time, the price of the onion reached 8 to 10 DH/kg, which pushes the consumer to look for other alternatives.
During this week, onion prices have increased in several regions of Morocco due to drought and lower production. Farmers now sell onions at a price of 5 DH/kg. Then, prices can vary between 6 to 7 DH/kg on the wholesale markets, and 8 to 10 DH/kg among end consumers, Le360 tells us. According to Abdelkabir Mâiden, secretary general of the association of the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits in Casablanca, the increase in the price of this vegetable is due to the combination of several factors, such as the increase in internal and external demand and the deficit rainfall. On the other hand, he explains that the onion is widely exported, especially to other African countries. Faced with limited production, this strong demand is driving prices up, indicates the same source. Then, Mr. Mâiden adds that the drought which affected the country for several years also contributed to the reduction of the cultivated areas, consequently to the drop in ...
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